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The three-volume set of Process Questions, Volume 1, 2 and Teacher's Guide...

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Process Questions for Junior Science

  • Process Questions for Junior Science helps students to practise questions on science skills and processes.
  • Volume 1, Volume 2 and the Teacher's Guide make up the total package as follows:
    • 28 sets of questions based on Junior Science topics (see contents or view samples).
    • 10 multiple-choice and 5 free-response questions in each set.
  • A wide range of skills and processes is tested. Some of these include:
    • making observations
    • inferring from observations
    • formulating hypotheses
    • designing experiments
    • controlling variables
    • analysing results
    • constructing tables and graphs
    • comparing and contrasting
    • sequencing information
    • making conclusions
    • many more...
  • Volume 1 is directed more at Years 7 and 8, while Volume 2 contains a larger number of higher-level skills and processes and is more suited to Years 9 and 10.
  • The Teacher's Guide includes:
    • answers to all questions in Volumes 1 and 2.
    • the type of skill or process each question is testing
    • discussions on why incorrect answers can be given by students
    • brief hints on how to answer many of the questions

See the Table of Contents for all three (3) volumes and download Samples of the books. There are some Reviews of the series and you can purchase books from the Online Store or Contact Us for any queries or orders.




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